Whether your organisation is paying for your membership, you're seeking to be reimbursed or it's required for tax purposes, you'll need to know where you can to access your invoices and receipts.


We can raise invoices for your renewal fee and Experience Assessment fee. But we are not able to raise invoices for any other fees.

Get your membership renewal invoice

When it’s time to renew your membership, your invoice can be accessed online on the 'Renewals portal'. Just log in with your web account details. The amount due and a link to download the latest invoice is listed on the first page.

If your organisation is paying for your membership, you can amend the invoice to include your organisation’s name. Simply select the 'latest invoice' radio button, followed by 'alternative invoice'. Once you've amended the details, select generate invoice and download this to pass on to your organisation.

Get your Experience Assessment invoice

If your organisation is paying for you to undertake Experience Assessment or your need to request an invoice for this payment for tax purposes, please contact our Customer Service Team Monday-Friday 09:00 - 17:30 GMT on +44 (0) 20 8612 6208 or email membershipenquiry@cipd.co.uk. They will be able to raise an invoice for you with the correct contact details.


Get your membership renewal receipt

When you log into the 'Renewals portal' and go through the payment process you will see a link to 'download your receipt' on the thank you page. You will also receive an email containing your receipt once you’ve submitted payment.

If you need to access your receipt at a later date and you didn't download it, log back into the 'Renewals portal'. There should be a link to your 'Latest receipt' on the first page you land on once you are logged in.

If you need a receipt for the 2018-19 membership year or previous years, please request this using our web form.

Get tax relief on your membership

If you're a UK taxpayer and haven’t been reimbursed for your fees by your employer, you may be able to reclaim some tax relief. You do this by declaring the fee you paid to HMRC. Your personal tax allowance will be increased giving you tax relief at the highest rate you pay. Find out more from HRMC (we're listed as an approved professional body under 'Personnel and Development Chartered Institute of').

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