It’s key to understand which membership grade you’re currently working at and confirm it’s right for you with our Pre-Assessment Tool. This ensures you have the best chance of successfully completing Experience Assessment.

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Your work will usually be operational, with some complexity. You'll contribute to the thinking around your work, and analyse information to inform your choices and actions.

You'll work with and influence immediate colleagues and customers, though your work will create short-term value for a wider audience.

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Chartered Member

Your work will require thinking at a strategic level, and have complexity in the thinking and/or delivery. You’ll critically question information and evaluate it to make judgements and decisions.

You'll work with and influence a range of stakeholders, creating medium to long-term value for a wide audience.

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Chartered Fellow

Your work is likely to be entirely strategic in thinking and/or delivery, with a significant level of complexity. You’ll develop evidence-based thinking to shape the profession or drive people change.

You'll influence stakeholders across the profession, and create long-term value for significant numbers of people.

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