Coming late 2021! The CIPD Learning Hub is a professional development and learning platform to help you and your team embed the international standard for the people profession in your work.

By offering you the flexibility to create personal learning journeys – accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device – it’ll be easier than ever to make professional development a day-to-day, career-long priority that helps you maximise both your career potential and your business impact.

Why are we building this hub?

Who is it for?

How will it benefit me?

When can I start using the hub?


We’ll serve you the right mix of content, peer-to-peer collaboration and ongoing communities of practice, as and when you need it – from bite-size self-directed learning, to comprehensive programmes featuring virtual classrooms, workshops and social learning.

The hub is for anyone, or any team, looking to develop and sustain the knowledge and behaviours you need to become a credible expert in people at work – whether you’re a CIPD member or not.

CIPD members will get free access to the hub and some of the core learning content, with additional content available to purchase according to your unique needs. Other customers will be able to purchase learning content on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis.

The hub will help you take control of your own career-long professional development, give you access to expert learning experiences at your fingertips, and help you maximise your credibility and impact.

As a member, you’ll get free access to a range of core learning content, including a continually updated library of essential insights on a range of topics and introductory programmes aligned with the eight core behaviours of the Profession Map.

The hub will help you to fulfil your membership requirements by making it easier than ever to make your ongoing professional development a day-to-day, career-long priority. It’s part of our commitment to support you throughout your career and help you to maximise your organisational impact. Our new self-assessment and reflection tools will help you understand your individual professional development objectives and achievements.

We’ll help you create bespoke and scalable learning programmes to meet your unique business needs – either in your own branded area of the hub or integrated into your own existing learning site. Contact our employer solutions team to find out more.

We’ll send email invitations to all CIPD members when the CIPD Learning Hub is ready for you to explore. When roll-out is complete, the hub will be easy to find via the homepage and top-level menu bar on all of the CIPD’s websites.

The CIPD Learning Hub is available anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and all of the content is based on the Profession Map, the international standard for people professionals to thrive in a changing world of work.

The Profession Map

Use the Map to make better decisions, act with confidence, perform at your peak, drive change in your organisation, and progress in your career

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