In today’s ever-changing world, knowledge is power.

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, a CIPD qualification connects you with your peers and gives you the strategies you need to increase your knowledge and skills to boost your career and make an impact. On successful completion of any CIPD qualification, you’ll become a member of the CIPD.

What qualifications are available?

There are five CIPD qualifications to choose from, from Foundation level to Advanced:

CIPD qualifications give you the best of both worlds: a core curriculum based on the international standard for people practitioners, along with the freedom to tailor whatever you study to your specific goals.

You can also choose to study a CIPD accredited programme. These are Degree, Masters or other programmes awarded by a University, accredited by the CIPD and aligned to the Profession Map. With hundreds of courses offered at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, these programmes suit a range of needs - whether you are breaking into the profession or want to take your career in HR to the next level.

You can compare qualification types in more detail by clicking here.

What do I gain?

Both CIPD qualifications and CIPD accredited programmes are recognised by employers as a global standard of excellence and give you CIPD membership, connecting you to a deeply informed and influential network of people professionals worldwide – and a path to life-long learning.

Combined with membership, a qualification or accredited programme will:

  • give you the knowledge and skills you need to excel at what you do
  • strengthen your reputation at work and the connections with the people you work with
  • connect you to the professional future you’ve always dreamed of
  • connect you to a large network of other people professionals
  • connect you to the latest developments in the world of work.

How do I get started?

First of all, identify your chosen qualification from the options below. Then explore the information to make sure it’s right for your current level and your future ambitions.

Or, if you already know which qualification you want to study, find a Centre that offers your preferred qualification and study mode using our centre finder tool.

Overview of CIPD qualifications

Foundation Certificate in People Practice

Ready to embark on a career as a people professional? This qualification will build your knowledge, expertise and confidence to have an immediate impact at work. Real-life scenarios will fully prepare you for the world of work. On successful completion, you’ll get Foundation Membership of the CIPD.

Associate Diploma in People Management

Working in a people practice role but ready to grow? This evidence-based qualification will help you gain a deeper understanding of the professional behaviours that lead to organisational success. Learn how to manage employment relations, foster talent, guide strategic workforce planning and build reward schemes that drive performance and contribute to business success. On successful completion, you’ll get Associate Membership of the CIPD.

Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development

Ready to shape your organisation’s working environment? With this evidence-based qualification you can learn to measure your company’s performance and culture, plan different forms of learning across your organisation and boost people’s confidence to supercharge their development. On successful completion, you’ll get Associate Membership of the CIPD.

Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

Are you ready to develop your personal effectiveness and business acumen? Based on the latest business research in people practice, this qualification will help you learn how to manage employment relations, recruit and nurture talent to sustain success – and reward and motivate the superstars in your workforce. On successful completion, you’ll get Associate Membership of the CIPD.

Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development

Are you ready to lead your workforce forward? Based on the latest real-world research, this qualification will give you the knowledge and skills you need to design your organisation for optimum success, develop your leaders and managers – and create a learning culture to accelerate people’s careers. On successful completion, you’ll get Associate Membership of the CIPD.