The CIPD summarises its purpose as championing better work and working lives. This can be pursued through numerous specific focuses, from employment law to new developments in technology, from employee voice to skills development and employability, from recruitment and resourcing to reward and performance management, from diversity and inclusion to well-being to, and the intersections between these areas.

Clearly, this presents a highly complex picture overall. Thus, to support our endeavour to effectively foster better work and working lives, it is imperative we clearly answer three overarching questions:

  • What characterises good quality work and employment?
  • What factors are most influential in shaping job quality?
  • What business models exist to link good job quality and the creation of value?

Having developed a cohesive view of these areas, we then need to collate relevant, comprehensive and robust measurements. This important step will enable us to further understanding of the processes at play and galvanise action.

Here you’ll find resources providing insights into these fundamental aspects of working life, including how they can best be framed, measured and actioned.

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