Professionalism and ethics go hand in hand, and practitioners’ ability to recognise and resolve ethical dilemmas is fundamental to remaining effective and gaining the trust of key stakeholders. In this section you’ll find information on ethical decision-making as well as perspectives on trust and fairness.


HR and Business Ethics

Should HR be the conscience of the organisation? In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, this roundtable explores the role HR should play in developing and enforcing business ethics in their organisation.

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Corporate responsibility

A responsible organisation conducts business ethically and takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact. Here you'll find resources on HR's role in fostering corporate responsibility, responsible and sustainable businesses.


Corporate responsibility and HR

What does responsible business look like today? We chat with IBM, Aviva and Three-legged Stool to find out what role HR can play in encouraging corporate responsibility and embedding it in their business strategy.

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Trust and fairness

Access a range of resources that look at trust and fairness within the workplace.