This series of reports challenges tried and tested models of insight and diagnosis, learning styles and other such approaches, to build fresh insight for L&D.

These reports, written with key experts, allows us to tap into the insight potential of new areas. The intention is that this will help build the capability which helps L&D build its role at the centre of organisational learning. These new insights are critical, in our view, to developing curiosity, the driving behaviour of L&D professionals.

This report, written with Dr Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol, helps us to understand how learning can be informed by neuroscience. Dr Howard-Jones researches at the very intersection between neuroscience and education and is renowned for it. Here he brings his unique perspective and his expert judgement to help L&D engage with the possibilities his compelling scientific field affords.

This report, written with Dr Adrian P Banks of the University of Surrey, addresses cognition, decision-making and the role of expertise and professional judgement. The report concludes by looking at how L&D and HR professionals can help support better awareness, reflection and decision-making. This is very much about supporting people’s ability to think and to understand thinking as a process.

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Intro 3

This report, written with Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith of the University of Surrey, addresses intuition and insight, linking them to the behaviours of creativity and innovation. Divided into three parts the report examines the  critical importance of insight and intuition to our thinking skills, the scientific research and the organisational learning aspects.

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