The CIPD and Loughborough University’s report gathers the evidence and insights on emerging technology at work and explores the ethical implications of how we’re currently adopting new technology. This report creates a foundation for delving deeper into how we can ensure that people remain at the heart of work.

The report, Impact of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technologies on work, focuses on the academic literature published since 2011 and evaluates the state of contemporary knowledge. It focuses on four key questions:

  1. What should the technological and occupations focus of the review be?

  2. What are the work-related outcomes and mediators from the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation technologies (considering both the impact for workers and organisations)?

  3. What are the impacts of AI, robotics and automation technologies on professions and society more generally?

  4. What are the ethical issues related to the contemporary utilisation of AI, robotics and automation technologies?

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