Date: 04/05/21 | Duration: 00:29:53

Is the human brain wired for a digital working? Virtual platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are instrumental in bridging the communications gap between homeworkers, but how can we set healthy boundaries for digital tools, so they don’t fuel harmful working practices? With the expected rise in hybrid working and the impending return to the workplace, healthy, sustainable implementation is key, and identifying stress factors will help keep digital fatigue at bay.

Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests, Jonny Gifford, Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour at CIPD, Nilufar Ahmed, Lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Bristol, and Marc Weedon, Sr. Director of Human Resources at Zuora, as we explore the pitfalls of working in a digital context, and how to foster a healthy relationship with communication tools for future work.

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