How to use the quiz

Use the following statements to identify the barriers that may stop you being the positive, supportive manager you want to be. When you have identified your potential barriers, press ‘submit’ to generate a tailored report offering suggestions on how to overcome these barriers.

Barrier 1. "My workload is too heavy"

Barrier 2. "I have too many short-term deadlines and demands"

Barrier 3. "I have conflicting pressures and multiple priorities"

Barrier 4. "I lack the resources I need"

Barrier 5. "I have issues in my personal/home life that get in the way"

Barrier 6. "I lack confidence in my ability"

Barrier 7. "I feel stressed/under undue pressure"

Barrier 8. "Senior managers/my own line manager make things difficult (put on pressure, provide inconsistent management, lack of direction, undermine me and my team…)"

Barrier 9. "Organisational processes and bureaucracy get in the way"

Barrier 10. "I receive an excessive number of emails"