CIPD Voice

When it comes to ensuring that work is a force for good, our profession has an important role to play as the experts on people, work and change. That’s why we’re creating a new definition of what it means to be a people professional – setting out what we stand for in terms of the fundamental principles which represent better work and working lives.

The world of work

Here we highlight the topics that we believe the CIPD should have an impact and voice on in order to champion better work and working lives. Each topic is explored through research reports, guides, podcasts and factsheets.


Resources to help businesses understand and manage talent, and to develop a talent management strategy

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Explore our resources on leadership and ensure that everyone in your organisation is connected to - and driven by - a common goal

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Resources exploring the main developments in the workplace health and wellbeing agenda over the past decade, focusing on the future priorities for the HR profession

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People management fundamentals

The People Management fundamentals section supports you on every-day HR and L&D topics, providing information and guidance in the form of factsheets, guides, podcasts and reports on the HR role, through to organisation design, recruitment, performance and reward.

Other useful tools and resources

In a Nutshell

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bite-size chunks for CIPD members

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Student hub

All you need to know about being a CIPD student as well as access to a wide range of resources

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