What do we offer?

Whether it's to shift your strategic focus, deliver cultural change, develop agility to meet future challenges or do more with less, our experts will set you on the right track.

We use our recognised HR standards, development solutions, professional membership and qualifications to help organisations like yours improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

We can help you with a range of solutions to meet your needs including:

  • evaluating your HR and L&D strategy, methods and impact on the organisation
  • assessing your HR and L&D strengths and capability gaps, including those of your leadership team, compared to recognised standards
  • creating effective personal development plans and career assessments
  • giving you data insights to help you to build a business case for investment.

Our approaches

Group experience assessment

Group experience assessment is designed for established HR and L&D professionals at all levels. It benchmarks the performance of HR and L&D practitioners against the CIPD Profession Map and recognises their achievements with CIPD professional membership.

Unlike other approaches, individuals are required to demonstrate their effectiveness as HR or L&D practitioners by showcasing the impact they've had on their organisation and application of their knowledge. The emphasis will be on what they do and how they do it.

Group experience assessment is easily incorporated into your HR and L&D capability strategies. Many of our clients include it within their tailored development programmes and enhancing credibility and professionalism. Upon completion of a Group experience assessment your organisation will receive an Organisational insights report, which includes:

  • benchmarking data against the CIPD HR Profession Map
  • key trends
  • strengths and areas for development within the team
  • options to help further your team's HR capability.

Find out more information on accreditation and membership.

CIPD endorsement

Gain independent CIPD recognition for your HR and L&D development programmes

The CIPD's endorsement service provides an external, independent seal of approval; it signifies that your work has been designed and delivered according to good practice, and that the content has been benchmarked and approved against the CIPD's international professional standards. We can endorse in-house learning programmes which are focused on developing HR or L&D capability, from short courses to longer, more complex blended learning programmes.

Endorsement provides you with:

  • independent, external endorsement of your development programmes
  • benchmarking against the global standards in the CIPD Profession Map
  • use of the CIPD endorsement logo as a quality mark to promote your course and recognise achievement of learners
  • recognition as an employer of choice – showing commitment to developing your workforce.

HR diagnostic tool

Benchmark your teams against credible, independent standards for excellence in HR and L&D

The CIPD provides an end to end assessment service which can benchmark your team against international HR and L&D standards. Our most popular assessment is our HR Diagnostic Tool (HRDT), an online 360 assessment which assesses HR and L&D practitioners against the knowledge, experience and behaviours required of 'gold standard' professionals. Our approach is highly developmental, and each individual receives a feedback report and one-to-one feedback session. We can also provide team reports to show you the aggregated results for your HR teams which can inform the development of your HR function as a whole, and work with you to identify how you can build that capability in the most effective way.

Our approach is not an 'off-the-shelf' 360 assessment, but a full consultancy approach: we'll work with you from start to finish, mapping your roles to industry standards, carrying out the assessment, providing support and advice to engage your teams in the approach, and helping you consider how best to build the capability of your team from this point on.

Coaching and mentoring

Once you have established what the development needs are within your teams and undertaken any development activity, how can you ensure that this knowledge is being applied or sustained?

To look at getting the most from any investment in your teams it is important that any knowledge gained from any development activity is applied in the workplace as soon as possible. Line Managers and HR Teams may not have the time or coaching skills to be able to adequately meet these needs.

We are able to help support any application of knowledge to the workplace by offering coaching or mentoring as appropriate, either on a 1:1 basis, group or as a follow up clinic or workshop. This can be used to establish any barriers for implementing learning at work, strategies for overcoming these and identification of other challenges.

Our team can help develop coaching and mentoring skills in your Managers and Leadership Team to help with performance management, career development and succession planning. A culture of coaching and learning can help you get the best out of your team.

Our clients

We work with large employers in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to define, build and support their people strategies.

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