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Becoming a CIPD Chartered Member is a significant career milestone. It brings the designation Chartered MCIPD and access to one of the biggest online collections of HR and L&D resources, as well as support from a community of almost 160,000 members. 

Your investment demonstrates that your team:

  • has met rigorous standards for good practice
  • adheres to our code of professional conduct and continues its professional development
  • is committed to delivering a quality service that supports your organisation’s strategy and people.

Benefits of CIPD membership

The CIPD is the only HR and L&D professional body that can award Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow grade to individual HR and L&D professionals. Chartered Membership benchmarks capability and experience against CIPD standards and builds credibility with colleagues and clients.

  • Stay up to date and informed – Access the CIPD’s expert research reports, factsheets and guides.
  • Stay connected – Widen your network and learn from other HR and L&D professionals at the many CIPD events organised in your region.
  • Stay one step ahead – The CIPD Career hub is an online gateway to a host of information, tools and advice exclusively for CIPD members, supporting HR and L&D professionals at every stage of their career. 
  • Stand out – Use the internationally recognised designation ‘Chartered MCIPD’ to demonstrate your credibility and professionalism

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Routes into membership 

There’s a CIPD membership option to suit everyone in your team.

  • Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow for your most experienced and senior team members.
  • Associate Member for anyone who has completed a pre-2021 CIPD Certificate or Diploma qualification, or one of our new Associate or Advanced qualifications, or has at least a year's experience.
  • Foundation Member for anyone who has completed the new CIPD Level 3 Certificate in People Practice.
  • Affiliate Member for anyone who wants access to resources and research, a way to stay up to date, to connect and to continue their professional development.

Our managed service

Group Experience Assessment

The CIPD provide a special managed service to organisations where there is a requirement to put more than one or two individuals through the Experience Assessment process (EA). By opting for this managed service, we can provide more comprehensive support, ensuring that individual candidates stay on schedule, maintain their engagement and provide bespoke guidance and support around the content of their self-assessment and impact reports. Coupled with this, we provide the organisation with regular updates on candidates' progress and a final insights report, aggregating aspects of the feedback from the assessors involved in your cohort.

Group Experience Assessment

  • Fees are the same irrespective of grade
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Admin Support
  • Partner with client to identify priority groups
  • Flexible schedules and appointments to meet client timelines and demands
  • 60 minute Pre-Assessment Discussion
  • Briefings for candidates prior to assessment
  • Individual support during assessment
  • Review Impact Report and Self Assessment prior to deadlines to provide advice and support
  • Regular contact with individuals to keep them motivated, engaged and on schedule
  • Regular updates to client sponsor on progress
  • 'Hand picked' assessors with relevant knowledge/sector experience
  • Calibration sessions to understand trends, overall strengths and development areas across cohort
  • Individual Candidate Report
  • Insights Report

Individual Experience Assessment

  • Fees are dependent on the selected grade

    • Chartered Fellow: £2,375
    • Chartered Member: £2,045
    • Associate Member: £1,996
  • Complete a quick online Pre-Assessment Tool

  • Awarded Membership

  • Individual Feedback Report - owned by the individual

Key activities and timescales

The whole managed service process takes approximately four to five months. Candidates typically invest around two weeks of their time spread over eight weeks, plus an additional day to prepare for and have the professional discussion.

For more information about Experience Assessment or our managed service offering call us:
+65 6338 4528.

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