The CIPD was granted Royal Charter in July 2000, having demonstrated pre-eminence, public interest, stability and permanence. This was followed in July 2003 by the power to confer individual Chartered status on HR and L&D professionals. Learn more about our Chartered Members.

Our Charter and Bye-laws constitute our governing document, setting out our charitable purpose, our powers and how we are constituted. To amend our Charter, we need approval from at least 75% of those voting at our annual general meeting (AGM), as well as approval from the Privy Council and endorsement from the Charity Commission.

In addition, our Regulations, which are approved by our Board of Trustees, set out how our powers are put into practice through various terms of reference and governance procedures in support of our Charter.

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose is to champion better work and working lives by improving practices in people and organisation development, for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society

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Our history

The world of work has changed considerably since we were first founded more than a hundred years ago, and so has the role of HR and L&D

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