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17 August 2015
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Women returning to work after a career break have much to offer, but face barriers

The future of work is about allowing employees to choose when, where and how they work,” says director of Harvey Nash Hong Kong

Sleep-deprived Singapore needs to take Japan’s worrying situation to heart

Japan’s notorious long-hours working culture causes stress that can lead to lack of sleep and poor health

Malaysia signs agreement with India to help develop employability

Two countries set sights on Malaysian women, low household-income communities and young people

The salary gap between staff and top executives in Asia is getting bigger

Disparity has increased in nine countries and some base salaries for high earners now exceed US counterparts

How to ask for a pay rise (and how to say no as an employer)

Staff should carry out market research and work out what people in similar roles are being paid

How to make your office move a success

The first and most common mistake with relocations is not involving HR from the outset

The MPF carrot: Using retirement benefits to retain talent

The Classified Post HR Conference hears why contributions to Hong Kong’s MPF fund have skyrocketed since 2006

Implementing the right rewards culture can help an organisation’s brand and profitability

Speakers at the Classified Post HR Conference explain why HR is key to a strong C&B policy

Overseas recruiters brought in to help Singapore's PMETs find new jobs

Workers made redundant or looking for work for more than three months can make use of free service

How to engage Generation Z – and why it’s vital to the future growth of organisations in Hong Kong

Author Jane Sparrow on the opportunities and challenges of ambitious, tech-savvy employees