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17 August 2015
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Indonesia’s wave of returning talent presents opportunities and challenges for HR

Many returnees are shunning traditional employers for jobs at young start-ups

Finance and technology professionals will be in demand this year

HR experts predict technical innovation and rapid smartphone adoption will create new job markets

What the 2017 Singapore budget means for HR

Government to invest S$100m in promising individuals to create leaders of the future

How to cut down on email overload

There’s no need to groan every time you see your cluttered inbox in the morning

Singapore Airlines staff claim the genuinely ill are penalised by incentive scheme

Rewarding great attendance isn’t straightforward if sick employees feel they are being punished

Nearly half of all job vacancies in Singapore are for PMETs

Opportunities expected to increase further as the economy restructures and quality of jobs improves

Year-end bonuses on the wane as employers prefer to offer higher salaries

Rewards are increasingly being linked to performance instead of long service

Microsoft HR director says Philippines must change its thinking about the workforce

Organisations must learn from each other and drop the ‘I know it all’ mindset

Out of work in Singapore? You’re in luck – it has the shortest unemployment periods in the world

Finding a job only takes eight weeks on average, says Ministry of Manpower

Terms like ‘millennial’ are not one-size fits all, and each generation has its own expectations

Experts at Morgan McKinley’s HR seminar say we are all shaped by our environment