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17 August 2015
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Workplace happiness cannot simply be viewed as something that’s ‘nice to have’

There’s a powerful business case for making it one of your top priorities, says Robert Half

Vast majority of millennials prefer to work for large multinationals

The quest for a greater work-life balance is a big factor, says Randstad MD

Pay rises of up to six per cent on the horizon for many Malaysian and Singaporean staff

But nearly one in ten Singapore employers will not be increasing salaries at all

Diversity and inclusion programmes high on the agenda for Malaysian employers

But organisations have to operate in an environment hit by a severe brain drain, says Michael Page director

Campaign aims to end workplace sexism in Hong Kong

Research finds that almost two-thirds of women feel subject to discrimination based on looks

New SkillsFuture awards to recognise excellence in employers and staff

Prize of S$10,000 will be awarded to individuals to “support their skills mastery journey”

Number of women in leadership positions increasing, say recruiters

Rising female participation at college and university is creating more senior managers

Singapore's major investment in leadership opens doors for talent

Recruiters also upbeat about growth in overseas PMET roles

Singapore says HR is key to its future prosperity

“Our vision is for us to be the pioneers of the next generation,” says Committee on the Future Economy

Female labour force participation has fallen or stagnated, says ILO

Vodafone launches ‘ReConnect’ programme to recruit more women on career breaks